Unified Data Quality

If your data is wrong, your business is wrong

Behavior Changes

The Steepest Concern


Behavioral Detection

Steep changes in data behavior are likely the most egregious and concerning changes that can happen. Owl constantly observes and monitors every cell's behavior and automatically re-trains over time. This is how Owl provides a defensible data quality program that is not dependent on rules.


Outlier Detection

Goodbye anomalous data



Outliers exist in all datasets. The challenge is finding the interesting and high value outliers. Owl's proprietary algos are fully distributed and context rich. Owl learns the usage, nature and business context of the data during its outlier processing. Owl provides you the outliers that require attention and removes the noise from the equation.

Duplicate Detection

Distributed duplication detection with sophisticated fuzzy matching


Duplicate Detection

Whether you are creating a single client view or simply deduping faulty records, Owl's duplicate detection can help in seconds. Written from the ground up to be fully distributed using concepts like block-indexing distance calculations Owls' duplicate detection is both fast, semantically accurate.


Auto Clean

Increase your models and business analytics accuracy by more than 15%


Data Cleaning

What's your data cleansing and repair strategy? During the model building process a data scientist will spend his or her time trying to lower the error rate and increase the model accuracy. However the best way to increase both the quality of your business and the model accuracy is to repair the data before training the model. Owl does not edit the authoritative source of the data instead it computes a qualityScore then shows data errors with .vizErrors and finally offers cleaning solutions with .clean or simple type .autoClean and Owl will do all the steps for you with the lowest error rate.

Blended Rules

Rules Engine


Rules... Rules... Rules...

Well Rules aren't all bad if you apply them correctly. Issues arise when an enterprise starts with rules, then quickly realize how time consuming, inefficient, and inaccurate rules become as the conditions start to overlap or interfere with each other. Owl takes a different approach; Data Science First and Rules Second. By layering the problem in this order we first establish a statistical baseline about the data and provide the intelligence of thousands of rules without having to write even one. We then only layer in the domain specific or complex rules that are required.


Our Services

Our elite team is dedicated to one thing, making the data that flows through your organization perfect. Owl regularly works with fortune 500 companies to put a defensible data quality program in place. Many managers and data stewards lose sleep over the unknowns lurking in their data. Let our team show how to monitor and answer the unknowns for good.

Kirk Haslbeck

Multiple time Data Science competition winner. Distributed compute expert.

Brian Mearns

Spark Analytics Engineer - over a decade of experience working with streaming and semi-structured data.

Dan Rice

Big Data and Compute Expert - devops and infrastructure expert, certified on all major hadoop vendor platforms

Geoff Gettings

Full Stack Developer – Cybersecurity certified, expert in relational data structures and developing software for business intelligence and automated analytics

Nicholas Fly

Front End Developer. User Experience Expert.


User Experience

Vadim Vaks

Architect and Technology Strategist providing thought leadership in Cloud Native Applications, Platform Architecture, Distributed In-Memory Computing, and Event Based Architectures/Processing.


Senior Developer


Full Stack Engineer

Shawn King

Customer Success

Leanne Staylor


Owl's services team is comprised of passionate data scientists who have spent their careers dealing with challenging data problems.

Additional Owl services include an Owl Data Steward who can assist remote or on-site and guarantee successful alerting, follow ups and repair to your data.

Graph Analysis

Use embedded graph technology to link datasets and processes together.


Dataset Dependency Graph

Visualize how a single critical column or data point can affect business processes, determine how critical a dataset is to the business.


Business Impact Graph

Assess business impact from every data point. Quickly identify data quality issues that lead to downstream model output issues.

OwlSpark DQ Pipelines

Create dynamic data quality pipelines that can blend machine learning & rules. Chain actions together to suppress false positives

Load Data

Load File or Table

Run Owl Check

Auto Discover DQ Issues

Visualize Errors, Auto Clean

Generate Clean Copy


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What our partners say

"Owl's data science approach saved us from writing 23,000 rules. The findings were more sophisticated with far less manual effort. Best of all it evolves with our data."
Top 20 US Bank
"We confirmed all the insights from Owl were accurate and our data was in bad shape. What took us a few man months Owl did in hours."
Data Analyst
Company Anonymous
"Owl figured out that we aren't correctly moving our data from source to target. It also seems to bring high value alerts to our attention as compared to other tools that flood us with noise."
Andrew Williams
Company from NYC


Have our expert team come on site and analyze your data

  • Pilot
  • 10 business days with Owl team building DQ pipelines and proving value
  • $50,000
  • Trial license
  • 10 Business Days On Site
  • 2 Owl Resources
  • Up to 6 Datasets Analyzed (< 2 TB)
  • Full Diagnostic Report of Issues
  • Contact
  • License
  • Datasets Under Full Quality Mgmt
  • Term Lic / yearly
  • Owl Web UI
  • Owl DQ Engine
  • 24/5 Support
  • Training
  • Custom Integrations, Work-flows
  • Spark-API, REST-API, CmdLine-API
  • Add an Owl Data Steward
  • Contact
  • DQaaS
  • Data Quality as a Service Offering
  • Term Lic / yearly
    Hosting / monthly
  • Serverless Architecture
  • Scale up and down with data demands
  • 24/5 Support
  • Managed Upgrades
  • Add an Owl Data Steward
  • Contact

*All enterprises are unique and have varying data goals. The prices and services above act as a guideline.


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